Graphic smiley face with black oval eyes and a curved stroke for a smile with accentuated cheeks

south creek vintage

Branding, business cards, tags, and stickers

Art direction and design by Lauren McCarthy


South Creek Vintage is an independently owned Quebec Vintage shop. Small businesses are so special to do design for because of the collaboration that goes into these type of projects. There is so much riding on one logo, and the clients happiness is all that matters.

This case study includes not only the final logo, but also the 2 other proposed logos.

The owner of South Creek vintage was really just looking for an updated logo. The original logo included a mountain, South Creek on one line, and the word vintage on a line bellow that. The first logo that was preposed (the chosen logo) was just that. We updated the mountain to look cleaner and more modern, and we went for a bolt and trendy font to grab young peoples attention. The script font was chosen to contrast the main sans-serif font, and to act as more of a subtitle to what the brand is.




The South Creek Vintage branding project was a success. The chosen direction was the one most similar to their previous logo (green and pink), I think all 3 proposed logo's are equally as strong, which is why I got permission to still include these in my portfolio work. The logo is now used on a business card, which the small business owner also uses as clothing tags for pricing items.

My first approach to this logo was really to try and direct what was or wasn't working, and to simply improve it. For my 2 other proposed designs, I made sure to go in another direction.

We tried some organic looking typefaces, one in particular I had even hand drawn with a textured brush.

I did some more illustrative experimentation with how a mountain could be incorporated into the design, and ended up with some great explorations.