Graphic smiley face with black oval eyes and a curved stroke for a smile with accentuated cheeks

singhs arcade branding

Branding, interior design, product conception

Art direction and design by Lauren McCarthy


Singhs Arcade is a new style of Arcade with the walls of an exhibit and artisinal milkshakes. A new artist is showcased every month with whom we launch a product line allowing the people to invest directly into the artist's career.' -

The project was to create a brand from the ground up, unique enough to go along with the unique concept of this establishment, yet nostalgic.

The project was a huge effort of collaboration between designer and owner. We had many meetings to discuss where this brand was going to be headed. There's no space like this that exists in the West Island of Montreal, let alone near our very own John Abbot college. We knew early on that we would be in need of a series of iconic illustrations, so building our logo around a pixel font made sense.




The project ended up being a huge success, and although I no longer work for Singhs Arcade, this is a project I will never forget. The space, the packaging, the business cards, the logo, the contacts ive gained, I will never forget

Getting to do the branding for this local business was an amazing experience and opportunity. The first logo to come was within a ticket. Although the arcade wasn't going to supply paper tickets like back in the day, it was a necessity for the arcade to go back to its roots with a feeling of nostalgia. This helped grow the cereal flavoured milkshake line, returning to your childhood favourites.

The space is filled with nods to your favourite movies and games. For example, the owners business card directly inspired by Patrick Batteman's business card the movie American Psycho.

Once the main branded was started, we could start on applications and icons.