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expozine web design

Expozine website redesign

Art direction and design by Lauren McCarthy


Our goal for the expozine website was to improve its UX and UI. Their website was lacking in functionality, accessibility, and all in all, its design in general.  I started by doing research and asking many questions to try and get to know everything I could about the event and what they are needing on their website.

Expozine website on phone mockups with green background


The content of the website was pretty straightforward and there wasn’t a lot that needed to be there, whereas their original design seemed to include a lot of unnecessary fillers. I simplified the content and created a system to view the events archives that date back to 2002.

Once that was done, I started designing moodboard and went with some tamer colors, deciding to make the website typographic rather than image based.

As an exposition to buy written works, it made sense to go very clean and typography based. The header is built completely with variations of the typeface knockout, Which can easily allow any new pages being made to be replicated

Mockup of Exposing website on a computer and a phone
Exposing website. Home page. green backgroundExposing website. Vendor Archives, green backgroundExposing website. Become A vendor application form. green background


I  really wanted to bring the roots of the events at the forefront of the website, and to us that means displaying the work of independent publishing houses, writers and artists. The website is less about the event “expozine” and more about what you can find at the expozine event. Who will be there ? What goes on ? etcI chose to go with sage green, and charcoal, these are not only colors that are very in style, but they are a calming color combination. using these  Ican appeal to expozine full audience, people aged 16-90

Wire frame of Exposing website. Home page. blue background with white type and strokesWire frame of Exposing website. Past vendor archives. blue background with white type and strokesWire frame of Exposing website. Become A vendor application form. blue background with white type and strokes


The outcome of the website was successful. I was able to simplify everything and make it easier to find out about vendors and how to get in touch. everything is functional